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"Ms Foxx has been my guardian angel for my legal issues for the last few years. She is clever, intelligent and has the persuasive and effective ability working with judges and other attorneys with good results. She represented me in few cases and all have positive outcomes. She is compassionate and have the ability to defend in winning all my cases!!!! I would highly recommend Ms Foxx as an attorney that is professional, reasonable pricing, talented and skillful to fight for you."

- I. Yamamoto

"Thanh has been very easy to work with on a variety of legal matters. Her Law Firm has efficiently handled them all and obtained the outcome I was looking for. I will continue to retain their services throughout the life-time of my company."

- R. Fujioka Consulting

"Thanh was referred to me by a close friend. From the first conversation over the phone and on into our first consultation, Thanh was supportive. She represented me in court to assist me with custody and child support remediation. This was my first time ever in court and I was extremely nervous. Thanh brought compassion, knowledge and a certainty to my case that brought comfort in such an awful moment in my life, I was beyond impressed. Thanh took her time to talk me through every detail, she is concise and very powerful with her words leaving no stone unturned. She is fearless, poised and has your best interest, not just as a lawyer, but with her heart. I have referred many who fit under her jurisdiction for representation. I highly recommend Thanh Truong Foxx and her team."

- L. Trejo

"Thanh Foxx was an amazing attorney! I was going through a tough 17 year divorce, no children, just community property, however I had already gone through 2 other divorce attorneys that were not able complete the divorce process. Thanh was efficient , reliable, honest, and assertive. My ex husband was making things difficult for me, such as not showing up to court, not responding when asked to present certain documentations etc. After 5 long years,with 2 other attorneys, Thanh was able to come through for me within 6 months. She was able to finalize the divorce and I was finally able to move on. I would recommend Thanh. If you are looking for a professional, dependable attorney, she will come through for you like she did for me."

- J. Tsurutani

“In 2012 my wife abruptly left with our daughter without telling me where she was going. I came home from work and they were both gone without a note or explanation. I filed a report with law enforcement not knowing what happened to my wife and daughter. I had no idea where they were and the police couldn't help me find them. I found out later that she was staying at a shelter for battered women with our daughter and made allegations of domestic violence against me. She obtained a restraining order preventing me from seeing our daughter. I didn't know what to do and certainly didn't know how serious the situation was going to be for me. I remember the first time I appeared in court without counsel. I wasn't given a chance to explain my case. The judge just kept talking to my wife's lawyers. I felt I was guilty before I even had a chance to defend myself.

I had to get the best lawyer to battle 3 pro bono lawyers representing my ex-wife, wanting to strip my soul from my body. My daughter is my life. Somehow, this divorce system was on her side. I prayed for a compassionate lawyer who knew the law, who had experience with domestic violence in divorce cases and trials. I was laid off from work and had little to no money. I couldn't focus on anything because of the amount of stress regarding my case and I hadn't seen my daughter in weeks.

Through my prayers, I found Thanh Foxx. She explained to me in detail what I was facing and knew exactly what my wife's three lawyers would do next. Not only did she take my case at a discounted rate, she even travelled over 100 miles from Sacramento to Santa Clara and San Francisco to represent me. I knew she was busy with other cases. I was so touched and blessed to have her as my lawyer. She said, " George, I know how much your daughter loves you. I know that your daughter is the only thing that is precious to you. I will make sure you will be with your daughter soon.

Not only were my prayers answered, but I was able to observe an attorney who brought years of experience into my case and I was awarded sole custody of our daughter after her first appearance. She was also able to move the case from San Francisco, where my ex filed and was residing, to Santa Clara County where I lived. The restraining order was dismissed and I now have sole custody of my daughter.

I would like to give just one advice to those searching for legal help: when you're in need of an attorney, find a compassionate lawyer who understands the legal system and who will put you first, rather than money.

I am grateful for Thanh as now I get to see my daughter grow into a beautiful young lady."

- G. Kim

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