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If you find yourself facing misdemeanor or criminal charges, or need representation in a divorce hearing or business case, call Thanh Truong Foxx for advice and legal representation you can count on.

Family Law

Attorney Thanh Truong Foxx handles all family law matters. While most people think “family law” means divorce, it really stands for so much more. We handle everything from divorce to child and spousal support modification and enforcement. We also deal with custody visitation disputes.

When it comes to divorce, our philosophy is to be quick and efficient. The process takes at least six months to finalize even under the best circumstances. The best way to keep costs down and results up is to aggressively pursue your rights. Getting the issues of support and custody out of the way as soon as possible is usually the best way to take control of a divorce case. We will then quickly obtain all the information we need about all of the assets and debts the community estate has so we can help you come to the best possible understanding of your circumstances. We always urge our clients to settle when it is in their best interests and the only way you can know that is to know your rights and to know what you assets and liabilities are.

Our firm has vast experience with the needs of the Asian/Vietnamese community. Our bilingual staff conversant in Vietnamese can help with communication.

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